museum of comic and cartoon art . new york . 2010



Arch. Filipa Figueira

Arch. Nuno Neto

Arch. Tiago Vieira




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_The aim of this competition is take advantage of an urban void in one of the entrances of New York and the need of creating a new building for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.


_The idea behind the design is to represent the comic books panels in the volume of the building, creating a relation between the exterior form and the inside function. This volume variation will deconstruct the building mass allowing a relation between the inside and the outside with several balconies.


_The building is divided in three functional parts, always organized around voids. At the street level are the common areas, like the store, bar, auditorium and conference rooms. In a second void there’s all the exhibition spaces and in the third void, the museum administration area.


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