danteum  extension . rome . 2009



Tiago Vieira




_How to create the extension of something that was never built? How to intervene in one of the most complex cities in the world? How to design in the ruins of the capital from one of the biggest empires that ever existed?


_These are the questions that are in the base of this project, supposing that Terragni’s “Danteum” was built, the proposed solution for it’s extension is to create a connection to the Roman Forum ruins. The aim of this solution is to use the “existing” building as the element that connects the city of Rome and the ruins, so that these become part of the city again.


_The proposed design is an access, a square and a route through the ruins, as a space of transition, restoring a “memento” of the city of Rome. So a memory of the city is reborn.


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