helsinki central library . helsinki . 2012



Arch. Albino Teixeira

Arch. Alexandre Monteiro

Arch. André Picamilho

Arch. Pedro Brandão

Arch. Tiago Vieira





_The new building is part of the detailed plan drawn on the boundary between the consolidated city and the bay, and aims to be the new center of Helsinki, the meeting point par excellence for people of all ages, a place of personal enrichment, culture and entertainment. The proposal seeks to embody an ambition, a cultural center around a library, a new urban center for the future.


_The building is composed of two volumes coated with copper. The vertical one punctuates the horizon of Helsinki creating an urban reference. This is where the book collections and reading spaces are located. The horizontal one rests on the ground, and from it emerges a covered public square and holds the remaining spaces

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