new bauhaus museum competition . weimar . 2011



Arch. Alexandre Monteiro

Arch. Tiago Vieira





_This project comes out of the opportunity of the city of Weimar to build a new museum to substitute an existing and obsolete structure where only a small part of the available collection is exhibited.


_The proposed site for the new museum is located between the city center and the north area, characterized mainly by the “gauforum” buildings and the congress center park. One of the assumptions is the future extension the building and the construction of a kindergarten, which conditions the new design.


_The building is characterized by the contrast between the mass in the first floor, where are the main exhibition spaces, illuminated with zenithal light, and the ground floor transparency where are the public areas. In the first phase the ground floor is mainly an exterior area, which in the future will be the museum extension, defining from the beginning the final building.


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